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Change log

2010-11-30 - Build 6 - v1.00.06:
- The auth process has been simplified to a single client random UID 32 char based. There are no more cookies and gets process
- The javascript channels/comet library has been rewrite to meet server requirements
- The server automatically disconnect the client with a "disconnect" order after 2 minutes and expect the client to reconnect
- The server will keep the client session for 10 seconds until it decides the client have really disconnected (reconnection process should be "instantaneous" each 2 minutes)
- The client session in the server will stack pending orders until the client reconnects
- New config parameters: channel to declare known channels (not yet implemented fully in the server authorizations)
- chat_core.lib example modified to support UID without LID
- site/chat/index.html modified to support UID without LID
- Added function getStats in WACSCore and chat_core.lib
- Gracefull shutdown implemented, on control-C or other signals, first close listeners, then send disconnect to all clients, then wait for the clients to clear and disconnect, then exit the server.

2010-11-15 - Build 5 - v1.00.05:
- cometManager modified to support better errors
- cometManager modified to catch the uid and the lid and set the uid as a cookie (bug on some clients that are not setting the cookie until the request is not closed)
- Some bugs corrected on the disconnecting behaviour
- Errors implemented:
400 Not recognized, bad protocol entry, bad request
440 an UID is mandatory and not present
441 a LID is mandatory and not present
442 a Domain is mandatory and not present
443 the channel is not opened to execute an order
444+ any error related to the core validation. The message comes with the response
the core may put its own messages too
the client should capture those errors to know what to do with them
- chat example fully working and modified to work with error control
- cometManager and ajaxManager modified to capture status error and message

2010-10-12 - Build 4 - v1.00.04:
- Examples enhanced
- Added support for large JSON code into various chunks
- Added chunks encoded option
- Added bug fixes for domain problem in iframes of IE7/8
- Added support for IE7/8
- Added support for disconnect
- Added timeout for disconnect
- Added support for multi session on the same cookie (on the same browser)
- Enhancement for error management and disconection

2010-10-06 - Build 3 - v1.00.03:
- Javascript library now works also on IE7-8
- Added Filter
- Corrected a bug on transfer of local files > 35K
- The queue is now an array of commands
- Added the method addQueue to the base, and modified WACSClient to use it
- Added to the chat example the javascript functions to create user and channel
- Added the simple example without core library
- Added the session unique ID supported directly into the main wacs loop
- The core is called now on connect, filter, execute and verify when needed
- The error is sent back with a new code (not 200) in case of connect error or verify error
- The client now has a local queue too, sent before the global queue

2010-09-30 - Build 2 - v1.00.02:
- Added new command sendlisten to send and listen at the same time
- Added executer into the client
- Added basic /COMET/ directory to point a local file without using proxy
- cometManager +/- coded
- The example chat has been added
- The server can now serve also HTTP simple requests on .js, .html, .png, .jpg, .gif
- The server now works on a single pooled thread (no more fork unless for daemon and multithreads)

2010-09-28 - Build 1 - v1.00.01:
- This is the first official release of the WebAbility® Comet Server
- The version is still not stable and under heavy work

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