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Change log

2016-05-07 - v3 Build 4 - v3.0.4:
- Lots of errors corrected on the correct use of \core\WADebug into debugging code
- Autoload modified to be SPL compliant.
- Added travis PHPunit tester

2016-01-26 - v3 Build 2 - v3.0.2:
- SHM enhanced when deleting some non-existent variable
- WAError enhanced to be compatible with PHP 5.2, PHP 5.4 and PHP 7 (3 different incompatible syntaxes)
- _toString in Throwable Trait enhanced (was not printing the first line of error)

2015-12-02 - v3 Build 1 - v3.0.1:
- Many error corrected on namespaces
- Better support for PHP 7 (Exceptions and Error management)

2015-11-13 - v3 Build 0 - v3.0.0:
- DomCore is now 100% compatible with PHP7
- DomCore is now based on namespaces
- Added Singleton::hasInstance() method
- WAThrowable is now a trait, so WAError and WAException extends from PHP system \Error and \Exception
- SHM has been rebuild to work also on filename ftok mapped IDs and do not use a variable map that is slow.
- Dispatcher pattern added
- Bug corrected into WATemplate on conditional loops.

2015-06-10 - v2 Build 1 - v2.0.1:
- Added the WABase object to build the autoloaded base object for the system -- it links automatically into the WAObject base attribute on constructor. No more need to do it manually.
- Added the base object demo.

2015-06-03 - v2 Build 0 - v2.0.0:
- Version number change to be RFC versioning complient
- WADebug syntax is now accepting parameters as variable with '%' into the string, sprintf like.
Old version is still compatible.
This is not compatible with PHP 5.6+ for global language syntax change. A branch for PHP 5.6+ will be created later
- Modification of all the debug code to use new syntax with '%'
- Modification of libraries path into WADebug messages as 'include/core/*'

2014-10-24 - Build 114 - v1.01.14:
- Added patterns to WAFile->deleteAll() with * to delete multiple filtered directories for example deleteAll('/home/sites/base5/domcore/somefiles.*', '\/home\/sites\/base5');
- Bug corrected in WATemplate, to be sure the array is traversable before using it to resolve a meta element.

2013-05-20 - Build 113 - v1.01.13:
- Bug corrected in WATemplate, the ?? conditional meta keyword was not resolving sub templates if the condition was not a sub array
- Bug corrected in WATemplate, the @@ loop meta keyword was not resolving sub templates if the condition was not a sub array
- Added support for '.first', '.last' and '.num' subtemplates in @@ loop meta kewyord
- Bug corrected in WATemplate, the is_usable method is static thus must be used with WATemplate:: instead of $this->

2012-12-19 - Build 112 - v1.01.12 (not released):
- Modified WATemplate to include scalar values for conditional template ??id??

2012-11-26 - Build 111 - v1.01.11:
- Added a test in FileSource->unlink to unlink only existing files
- WATemplate modified to support traversable/arrayaccess metaelement objects (that are not be necesarly arrays)
for example the DB_Record and DB_Records from dominion are now directly supported as metaelements
- WATemplate->metaElements is now strict by default
- WATemplate->metaElements compiler modified to support elements without space (to safeguard the '&&' javascript keyword among others)
- WAFile->deleteAll modified, the method was trying to delete twice the directory
- Semaphores implemented in WASHM to avoid memory access conflicts

2012-08-04 - Build 110 - v1.01.10:
- WAObject adjusted on Strict mode for PHP5.4

2012-07-12 - Build 109 - v1.01.09:
- FastObjectSource modified to delete the cache and afo if the origin disappear (is deleted)
- LanguageSource modified to delete the cache and afo if the origin disappear (is deleted)
- TemplateSource modified to delete the cache and afo if the origin disappear (is deleted)

2012-05-18 - Build 108 - v1.01.08:
- The WATemplate syntax analyser does not use anymore urlencode and urldecode to gain a lot of compilation time.
- Error corrected in the compiler regular expression in WATemplate. Sometimes the subtemplate was not correctly replaced

2012-05-16 - Build 107 - v1.01.07:
- Error corrected in WATemplate: the subtemplate IDs can be only letters, digits, or special chars: .-_|
- WATemplate->metaElements just do nothing if it is the second call.

2012-05-13 - Build 106 - v1.01.06:
- Error corrected in WATemplate: the [[...]] metaelement was not working as expected sometimes
- Error corrected in WATemplate: the {{...}} metaelement was not working as expected sometimes
- Modified WATemplate->metaElements so it can be called only once
- all examples modified to use [[...]] and strict metaelements

2012-04-30 - Build 105 - v1.01.05:
- preg_replace replaced by str_replace into WATemplate for higher velocity
- strict mode added into metaelements (data parameters must be used with {{...}} only)
- strict mode example added
- New [[id]]...[[]] syntax for subtemplates added with its respective modifications in the examples
- IMPORTANT NOTE: the syntax will be deprecated soon to be officially replaced by the [[id]]...[[]] syntax. It has been kept for back compatibility for now

2012-04-21 - Build 104 - v1.01.04:
- Error corrected in WATemplate, the ?? metaelement was not working as specified
- WATemplate modified to support path data access into the data array (i.e. ??VAR1>VAR2>VAR3:templateid?? )
- WATemplate modified to use hierarchic accesibility on templates (if the template does not exists in a level, it will be searched in the father)
- WATemplate modified to support a new meta element {{...}} to directly access an entry in the data array
- New example added for path data and {{...}} meta element

2012-04-03 - Build 103 - v1.01.03:
- Replaced 'while' by 'foreach' in WATemplate
- Some new comments into WASHM
- Factory implemented with its examples

2012-03-27 - Build 102 - v1.01.02:
- singleton message entry added into languages
- Singleton modified to keep instance after constructor
- Singleton::getInstance simplified and modified to use default called class
- Multiton.lib implemented
- multiton message entry added into languages

2012-03-24 - Build 101 - v1.01.01:
- WASimpleXML::tags() modified to convert several identical tags into an array instead of only the last one
- netherland translation corrected
- patterns added, Singleton class added

2012-03-21 - Build 15 - v1.00.15:
- Messages of WASHM moved to WAMessage, static messages removed from WASHM, UML box adjusted
- Messages of FileSource moved to WAMessage, static messages removed from FileSource, UML box adjusted
- Netherland NL (Dutch) messages added
- entry has been removed from messages (not used anymore)
- WAMessage now accept various files for entry and all are loaded when needed, UML box adjusted
- WAMessage examples modified to use various files for entry
- Markups added into XML messages to extract them

2012-03-04 - Build 14 - v1.00.14:
- Adjustment of all the comments and copyrights in the libraries
- Added WASimpleXML::tags to extract only the tags*or*data XML hierarchy

2012-02-23 - Build 13 - v1.00.13:
- TemplateSource modified to write correctly the template into AFO and shared. TemplateSource cannot write the original template for now
- examples/language.php modified to use WALanguageCompiler
- WAMessage modified to use WALanguageCompiler and optimize the file loading
- WALanguageCompiler modified to use WASimpleXML
- Static WASimpleXML has been added to convert any simple XML to PHP array
- Static WALanguage has been moved to WALanguageCompiler
- WALanguage is now class to keep the languages and is extendable, and implements Iterator
- Bug removed in WALanguageCompiler to init self::$id and self::$lang on compiling a new language table

2012-02-14 - Build 12 - v1.00.12:
- WAThrowable->__toString has been modified to print errors correctly on CLI version

2011-10-22 - Build 11 - v1.00.11:
- Added __toString to WATemplate so the template can be directly printed instead of resolved (print $temp; is the same as print $temp->resolve();).
- DataSource now extends WAObject, not WAClass, it is not supposed to be serializable
- Removed a bug in calculation of validity in LanguageSource->isValid()
- Removed a bug in calculation of validity in FastObjectSource->isValid()
- Removed a bug in LanguageSource->valid() to end the Iterator
- Added support to WATemplate->getTemplate(null) to get the default main template
- Added WATemplate->getTemplates() to get all the subtemplates array
- Removed clearcachestats from FileSource
- Modified WATemplate->__construct() to avoid warnings when the array is incomplete

2011-10-18 - Build 10 - v1.00.10:
- Code clean-up:
- Changed all the \n by PHP_EOL (in WAThrowable and WADebug)
- Changed all the ".." by '..' on simple strings in code
- Added some missing variable in DataSource debug code
- Iterator implemented into LanguageSource
- Corrected UML box in WALanguage
- WASHM changed to use microtime() instead of time()
- DataSource changed to use microtime() instead of time()
- FastObjectSource modified to use shared memory efficiently
- LanguageSource modified to use shared memory efficiently
- Added WATemplate object to manage templates
- Added WATemplate examples
- Added WATemplate documentation in wiki

2011-10-12 - Build 9 - v1.00.09:
- Added dates (read & write) on SHM index
- Added method 'create' on WALanguage static object to create back the original XML
- Added Datasources libraries: DataSource, FileSource, SHMSource, FastObjectSource, LanguageSource
- Added datasources examples
- Added manual of datasources in wiki
- Modified SHM example for best display and remove security problem

2011-10-10 - Build 8 - v1.00.08:
- Added SHMError in throwables to call if any shared memory error
- Added WASHM library to manage shared memory
- Added examples of shared memory
- Added manual of shared memory in wiki
- Added errors and exceptions in the wiki manual

2011-10-07 - Build 7 - v1.00.07:
- Examples rebuild with new beautifull presentation
- A new directory /messages has been added with the translation of all basic messages into some languages

2010-12-25 - Build 6 - v1.00.06:
- A bug has been removed from File::deleteALL, the validation regexp was not used well

2010-08-17 - Build 5 - v1.00.05:
- Serial data is now passed by reference into the serial function
- Examples adjusted

2010-08-04 - Build 4 - v1.00.04:
- Added static convert() to WALanguage so the xml compiler works
- Added WAFile.baddir to throw errors on non compliant directory to delete recursively
- Added a protection into WAFile.deleteALL with a regular expression to be sure we delete the right directory

2010-07-28 - Build 3 - v1.00.03:
- Full explain has been moved to WADebug and enhanced with class origin of attribute
- Timing functions have been moved to WADebug and removed from WAObject
- lastmodif timing has been removed since there is no real way to get the last used of the object without implements explicitely functions.
- Debug functions have been removed from WAObject
- Serializing functions have been moved from WAObject to WAClass
- Added serial() and unserial() methods into WAClass to be overloaded by the extended object
- Added WAClass.serial and WAClass.unserial messages into WAMessage
- New serialize.php example has been added

2010-07-26 - Build 2 - v1.00.02:
- Added a check in WADebug->getNumInstances()
- Corrected a bug on doDebug to colour the messages
- Version is now correctly 1.00.02 instead of 8.00.02
- Examples corrected, WADEBUG defined constant has been added
- removed constructor of WALanguage

2010-07-22 - Build 1 - v1.00.01:
- Separation from Dominion v7, creation of v1.00.01
- Added function addMessages to WAMessage static object
- Added __autoload.lib
- Added index.html
- Modified WADebug to test if the defined WADEBUG is set or not to activate debug mode

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