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WA5 Change log

2012-03-16 - Build 14 - v1.00.14:
USES CORE 1.00.14, BOX 1.00.03, DOMINION 8.00.05, WAJAF 1.00.28, DOMLIST 1.00.01, DOMMASK 1.00.01
- install.php modified to be PHP 5.3 minimum and to send 'install' variable to master for synchronization
- Generator menu tree included in enterprise version
- Fixed security menu with icons
- Added Profiles option into security menu
- tool create, to publish the different projects into the WebAbility
- Box separated into a distinct project, and integrated into WA with tools
- Installation of modules is adjusted to work with any compatible and installable modules
- Proparation of basic modules integrated with WA: ALERT (enterprise), WFLOW (enterprise), DEVEL (enterprise), CLNT (all versions), REPLIC (enterprise), TICKET (all versions)
- libraries for generator created: templates, languages, tables, applications, boxes, boxflows

2012-03-01 - Build 13 - v1.00.13:
USES CORE 1.00.13, BOX 1.00.02, DOMINION 8.00.04, WAJAF 1.00.28, DOMLIST 1.00.01, DOMMASK 1.00.01
- install.php now sets default dir and files mask to 755 and 644 by default, and some messages changes
- install.php presents [basedir]/repository for the repository by default, even if not found when asking
- devel site moved to wa devel server
- Added basic pages security levels into BASE_clientaccess table
- installDB.lib modified to insert pages security levels at installation
- CMS page insertion programmed and fixed
- 'cartridges' and 'stage' directories added
- modified to create also 'cartridges' and 'stage' directories
- Basic class BASEENGINEClass added to link the engines definition
- Validator::SETOFVALUES added to use an array of values instead of indexes. Some libraries adjusted to use this
- Changed base->connector[0] with base->connector['Main'] all over the application
- Engine properties changed to an array of 0..6 for the possible status instead of the named entries, modified as well
- Engine name "blocktemplate" adjusted to "templateblock" to be same name as table field
- Changes in BASE_pagedef: new fields whichskin (system default / default one), defaultskin
- Changes in BASE_templatedef: new field skin varchar(30) added
- Added a CONTEXTDIR to InstallScript.lib so BASEDIR is safe to know where to get the files to move, install and execute
- Adjustement of WADebug accross the whole application
- Adjustement of $this->connector['Main'] accross the whole application
- Adjustement of HTTPRequest->getParameter and Validator:: accross the whole application
- Changes in BASE_stat browser is now varchar(30)
- Added Engine.lib, EngineError.lib, PageDef.lib (pending or directory reasignation)
- Added fields userlock and datelock in BASE_pagedef and BASE_templatedef to control locks on pages and instances
- Added DEBUG variable in the URL to open the debug console as popup on Master
- click on yellow flag enter in CONSOLE mode into the viewport, not debug popup window
- Last versions of dominion, wajaf, dommask, domlist integrated.
- The absolute date check in BASE_workday has been removed
- The primary key of BASE_process has been adjusted (old dominion 6 syntax)
- Tables BASE_statroot and BASE_connectionlog has been removed since they are not any longer used
- admin/Base_Security rewriten to use BASEUSER* singleton classes.
- WIDGETS and WIDGETS() implemented
- added new method in Base_IO: getFastObject, to get the fast object instance
- Box model implemented

2010-05-12 - Build 12 - v5.00.12:
- Bug corrected: modified to create correct css for admin and site
- Languages for mastermaininstall.xml, mastermain.xml and adminmain.xml modified so the icons of sound and help work well again
- master/lib/mastercontrol.lib modified for installation part with all related files
- master/lib/masterrepository.lib done with all related files
- master/lib/masterconnector.lib done with all related files
- install/installScript.lib modified to get back messages of what is done
- install/installDB.lib modified to get back messages of what is done
- master/lib/mastersites.lib done with all related files
- include/common/base/Base_Common.lib modified to add get*InstalledVersion() functions

2010-04-29 - Build 11 - v1.00.11:
- Added users and accesses level for main menu into
-, all " replaced with '
- Language es for admin/adminindex.lib fixed
- BASEPAGEClass renamed BASECMSClass
- libraries adminaccesseslist, admincartridgeslist, adminuserslist and adminpageslist are working
- BASEUSERSECClass, BASEMODULEClass, BASEUSERClass and BASECMSClass were added with get*List functions
- Sex field added in BASE_user, and added in installDB script
- Added installer dashboard (3 steps boxes) in mastercontrol.lib
- Added XML languages and XML applications for installer dashboard
- Added all countries for all supported languages and flags on first installation step
- dommask set to work and account screen (second installation step) done, navigation buttons added
- modified to insert also the dominion.css and copy dominion js and libs

2010-02-26 - Build 10 - v1.00.10:
- Added accesses into
- Created common/class and all libraries copied into it
- common/class/BASEMENUClass.lib rebuild on new tables
- master and admin icons renamed with - instead of _
- admin/lib/adminindex.lib now use the menu from BASE_menutheme and BASE_menu
- Added fields template and params in BASE_menutheme and BASE_menu
- All the admin core libraries has been added, accesses fixed, links fixed in

2010-02-19 - Build 9 - v1.00.09:
- V9 goes to english because of the free version of WA5.
- Main WA5 structure set in place to developp the 3 versions in the same place.
- Create the OS executables to synchronize working 3 sites and 3 respective tar.gz containers to distribute WA5.
- wajaf and dominion are separated and injected into the WA5 with
- Create the 3 directories to put the 3 versions: sitefree, sitemonosite, siteenterprise
- Separation of individual version files: components/master/ to, and
- Modification of the whole WA5 installation code to be compliant with the new WAJAF structure and classes
- Added language and country format check to masteraccountinstall.lib
- Modification of account capture form to work with Dominion
- Master alerts disabled for this version since they are not supported yet
- New components routes have been adjusted into Base_IO.lib
- installDB.lib have been fixed with tables languages and database connector
- installScript have been fixed with database connector and error feedback
- Language components/repository/languages/es/respect/base/BASE_syslogtype.xml has been fixed
- Language components/repository/languages/es/respect/base/BASE_clientaccessgroup.xml has been fixed
- Language components/repository/languages/es/respect/base/BASE_language.xml has been fixed
- Language components/repository/languages/es/respect/base/BASE_clientstatus.xml has been fixed
- Language components/repository/languages/es/respect/base/BASE_user.xml has been fixed
- Removed field regexp from BASE_browserfamily
- Added preload of BASE_browserfamily into installDB.lib
- masterrepository, masterindex, mastercontrol and master/Base.lib now all use the unique method base->getGlobalStatus for repository and installation verifications
- css routes fixed in; images, sounds and flash are now also copied to each site
- tables BASE_menuroottheme and BASE_menuroot have been deleted
- tables BASE_menuadmintheme and BASE_menuadmin have been renamed to BASE_menutheme and BASE_menu
- has been fixed for new tables
- fixed with new menus ad menu orders
- root site disappear, now anything is through admin site. "admin" and "root" users can be filtered through parameters and apache redirect if needed
- components/root deleted
- include/root deleted
- root installation removed from
- root installation removed from mastersites.lib
- root variables removed from index.php, preview.php and wrapper.php on admin and site
- root variables removed from Base.lib, Base_Security.lib, Base_Common.lib, Base_IO.lib
- generator has been removed as well
- master.php has been modified to check the syntax of a page id
- masterlanguageinstall fixed to use WAJAF classes

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