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The WebAbility® PHP Multithread Web and Application Server

WAWAS is a full Web and Application Server written in PHP7, multithreaded. Download Here.

The main server core permits to listen to any IP/Port and pass through data to any mounted protocol on the listener.
The protocols in implementation are HTTP1.1/1.0 for now.
Each protocol runs modules that will build the response data based on the requests:

Implementations on work:
Protocol HTTP1.1, compatible HTTP1.0:
- Module Static (dispatch static files based on MIME types)
- Module PHP (calls PHP library)
- Module File (dispatch files into directory FTP like)
- Module Redirect (rewrite URL rules)
- Module Admin (admin the whole WAWAS by Web)
- Module Logger (Log anything anywhere)

WAWAS permits memory objects persistence so the same code/library/data/caches can be used transversal through any protocol, vertical through any module, or persistant through time and hits.

The configuration is 100% XML.

WAWAS can be launched as a daemon, is multithreaded (with pthreads v3 PECL extension) in CLI more (run from O/S), and is nearly as twice as fast as apache on preliminary tests. (Yes, PHP pages served under 15 ms!)

News: 2015-12-13:
The server is USABLE, but not compliant.
There is still a LOT of work to do, to be 100% HTTP1.1 compliant and have the basic web modules available.
WAWAS does not implement yet filters nor SSL but will soon.
We already have made some tests downloading 1 million random pages on a huge production website (in sandbox) in less than 5 hours on a quad core 3GHz with 8 Gb memory, with 0 errors, however the protocols and not fully implemented yet.

TO DO LIST, at a glance:

- Hools on modules
- implement maxs on #threads, #clients, #hits, sizes, heades etc

Protocol HTTP11:
- Authentication
- Chunks
- Hooks
- gzip/compressed
- etags
- portable vhost names (full named host) to detect variants on resolution
- check anything against RFC to be 100% compliant

- mod_static => check mimes types and errors
- mod_file => DO !
- mod_admin => generate the full admin site, hooks, realtile stats/JSON (Comet?) based on Xamboo
- mod_log => log on vhosts and
- mod_php => use sandbox ? capture output, errors control, namespaces, overload classes ?
- mod_xamboo => integrates SERVER-APP variables (ej. REMOTE_HOST, REMOTE_ADDR, etc)

New important modules:
- mod_rediect redirect engine
- mod_session manage sessions

Other interesting modules:
- Implement PSP (PHP Server Pages)
- servlets
- netbeans ?
- Comet module
- WSDL module

- a game, twit app, prives polling, realtime graph, edit document, etc
- terminate the chat

- Implement admin console fully realtime

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