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The Xamboo CMS Framework

Xamboo is a databaseless CMS framework to build a Website, a RESTful API, or any web based system:
- No database used, so it is extremely simple to install and use.
- For the same reason, it is extremely fast to load and execute.
- Uses the power of the DomCore libraries:
* A powerfull template engine, for easy HTML and other languages integration
* A language engine for Internationalization (I18N)
* Fast Objects (AFO) for fast caches to apply on any type of information
* Data sources loader and multi-level caches, for extremely fast response code
* Basic classes for patterns programation: singleton, multiton, factory, for fast developpement

Xamboo is the perfect choice as a CMS framework to developp any kind of web application:
Portals, Intranets, Back office, Workflows, e-Commerce and so on.
Xamboo works actually on real sites distributing more than 30 millions pages a month.

Xamboo is extremely fast and versatile for any kind of use you may need.
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