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Change log

2016-01-26 - v3 Build 2 - v3.0.2:
- Uses CORE 3.0.2
- Uses XConfig 2.0.1
- Error corrected on namespaces in some servers

2015-12-02 - v3 Build 1 - v3.0.1:
- Uses CORE 3.0.1
- Many error corrected on namespaces
- Module for integration with PHP application server included
- Support for PHP application server in various libraries (HTTPRequest, HTTPResponse, Base_Engine)
- Now uses XConfig in the examples to load the xamboo.conf configuration file from repository

2015-11-17 - v3 Build 0 - v3.0.0:
- Not realeased (full of bugs)
- Uses CORE 3.0.0
- Uses XConfig v2.0.0
- Xamboo uses now namespaces and is fully compatible with PHP7
- XConfig has been added for simple configuration of the tool

2015-07-21 - v2 Build 5 - v2.0.5:
- An important error has entered into XBCode on previous version 2.0.4 and has been corrected: the metalanguage comments were not working correctly

2015-07-19 - v2 Build 4 - v2.0.4:
- Added all the default parameters into index.php of site and restsite for examples
- The metaword 'PARAM' has been slightly modified so it works also for simple pages CALLs, a new syntax has been added: [[PARAM,name]] (it was only working for library CALLs)
- Manuals are more complete.

2015-06-30 - v2 Build 3 - v2.0.3:
- added PUTDATA in HTTPRequest, to be able to access the data sent by a PUT command into the body, if it not a JSON string
- The base_engine object now uses the WABase library from domcore

2015-04-23 - v2 Build 1 - v2.0.1:
- Now uses DOMCORE 1.01.17 as base code libraries
- Base_Engine simplified to contains only what Xamboo needs
- History of changes added, the system keeps track of any change of any page (so the posibility to undo)
- Libraries renamed to be XB compliant
- Added the WABase object to build the autoloaded base object for the system
-- it links automatically into the WAObject base attribute on constructor. No more need to do it manually.
- Added the base object demo.

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